The Designer:

My name is Roger Cleveland

I am a certified user of Artios CAD and Solidworks design softwares, Adobe and Microsoft suites and a host of other rendering softwares are also used in creating 3D Images and structures.

I have over 25 years experience in structural design, I first started in the aerospace industry as a technical illustrator pre-CAD.

After advancing, I discovered and studied (CAD) in many disciplines. I have since then designed structures and renderings for the titans of the printing and packaging industries primarily the entertainment, electronic, medical, industrial, gaming leaders and many others.

For every product or package that has ever just caught your eye or that you have ever purchased, there has been someone who brought it to life in concept and then designed it, for visual presentation or for manufacturing. I am one of those designers.

No job is ever too small, please allow me to assist you or your company by producing your next new product or by modifying an existing one.

Freelance Designer

Based in the Dallas / Fort Worth area yet I am available to anyone and everyone / everywhere.